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Neuroprotective and anticonvulsant effects of organic and conventional purple grape juices on seizures in Wistar rats induced by pentylenetetrazole

O Suco de Uva e a Saúde da Criança

Phenolic compounds, organic acids and antioxidant activity of grape juices produced in industrial scale by different processes of maceration

Phenolic content and antioxidant activities of white and purple juices manufactured with organically – or conventionally-produced grapes

Protective Effects of Purple Grape Juice on Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Oxidative Stress in Brains of Adult Wistar Rats

Purple grape juices prevent pentylenetetrazol-induced oxidative damage in the liver and serum of Wistar rats

Single dose of purple grape juice improves physical performance and antioxidant activity in runners a randomized, crossover, double‑blind, placebo study

Suco de Uva – Conheça mais de 30 benefícios

Suco de Uva Componentes e benefícios para a saúde

White grape juice increases HDL cholesterol and reduces body mass index, abdominal and waist circunference in women

Whole Red Grape Juice Reduces Blood Pressure at Rest and Increases Post-exercise Hypotension

Antioxidant and Antigenotoxic Activities of Purple Grape Juice – Organic and Conventional – in Adult Rats

Antioxidant effect of organic purple grape juice on exhaustive exercise

Artigo de Opinião – O SUCO DE UVA

Assessment of changes in energy metabolism parametersprovoked by carbon tetrachloride in Wistar rats and theprotective effect of white grape juice

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