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The company called Sociedade de Bebidas Malacarne Ltd. was founded by Adilo Malacarne and his three partner sons, Gilmar, Gilberto and Moacir Malacarne in 1987. Since then it has been operating in the market of wines in-bulk, supplying approximately 9 million liters per year to several bottler companies, in mostly all Brazilian states.

The company produces around 4 million liters of table wine, using American and hybrid grapes; approximately 90% of these are red wines, white wines are 10%, and additional 2 million litters of whole grape juice.

With the evolution of the Brazilian wine market, the company launched the “Colheita do Sul” (Southern Harvest) wine brand in 2008, in the Dry Red, Mild Red, Dry White and Mild White versions. The bottle options are 750 ml, 1 liter and demijohn bottles of 4.5 liters. The “Bordô” Grape Juice was also launched.

Quality control starts as early as the growing of grapevines; the grapes cultivated in vineyards owned by the company represent 30% of the total wine production, and the remaining 70% comes from grapes acquired from over 100 family farmers from the region.

Region’s Characteristics: The Gaúcha Mountain Range is part of the Sourthern Plateau, being located in the Northeastern region of Rio Grande do Sul state (29º S latitude). It is a mountainous area, marked by the presence of Rio das Antas river, with altitudes ranging between 400 and 800 meters. The growing of grapevines, however, are concentrated in the 400-600 meters of altitude. The main type of rock is basalt and the soil is sandy with portions of clay. Climate is temperate, of the sub-tropical type, with mild and humid summers. The region is dotted with small agricultural properties, with each wine producer growing 3 hectares of vineyard, on average. The largest grape production in Rio Grande do Sul is currently concentrated in the Gaúcha Mountain Range.


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