Rodovia RS-359, S/n - Zona Rural
Cotiporã . Rio Grande do Sul . Brasil
(54) 3446-3065
(54) 9 9614-7661
[email protected]

Founded in April of 2007, Monte Vêneto Juice Cooperative is installed in a 95.000 m² area, representing the sum of efforts from wine makers of the Cotiporã municipality and region. One of the main agricultural crops of the Gaúcha Mountain Range is grapes, the ones suitable for juices. Our commitment is to search sustainable alternatives that can mantain and expand the production of grapes and the strengthening of the local economy. Environmentally sustainable, prioritizing the conversion to climate-smart agriculture.

Socially fair, integrative and inclusive, allowing the incorporation and appropriation of workers of knowledge and technologies for the entire production chain.

Economically viable, with a spirit of distributive development and not concentrating income, the company seeks to redistribute its benefits to associates, producers and employees. We are defenders of Family Agriculture as a form of sustainable rural development, and Cooperativism as a form of collective strengthening. We have a diversified line of juices, all natural whole, with different flavors and packaging options. With cutting-edge technology, high quality raw materials and a unique processing unit, built exclusively for the production of whole juices. Monte Veneto has been conquering demanding markets and the recognition of consumers for the quality of their products. We are inserted in a region of Italian colonization and our company is proud to be part of the history of this people and seeks every day to bring through its products a piece of this victorious history to the table of our consumers because they are; producers and consumers, our reason for existing!


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