Trav. Mato Perso - Capela São Victor - 4º Distrito
Flores da Cunha - RS - Brazil - CEP 95270-000
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Luvison winery was founded in 1949 by a family of descendants of Italian immigrants that had come to the South of Brazil in the 1880s.

Mr. Angelo Luvison was the founder; the purpose of that time was to produce wines and juices to be consumed by his family and circle of friends.

And that way it remained for many years until 2008, when Mr. Angelo’s four sons – Antonio, Francisco, Leocir and Pedro – decided to honor their father’s work by modernizing and expanding the company.

Facilities: Total building area: 3000 m² (32,300 ft2) 80 stainless steel tanks, that can either hold 15,000 liters, 30,000 liters or 45,000 liters, each.

Production capacity: Juices: 4.5 million liters/year Wine: 1 million liters/year Sparkling wine: 30,000 liters/year


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