Via Trento 3355 – Linha Leopoldinha - Vale dos Vinhedos
Bento Gonçalves - RS
(54) 2105-3122
[email protected]

In the beggining of the XX century, around 1900, someone built a solid rock basement in one of the hills of the Leopoldina Line (currently Vinhedos Valley), which was then used as a resting stop during the grape growing and harvesting season. In 1926 an upper floor is built that would futurely become Casa Madeira (“Wood House”); or to be more precise that takes place in 1992 when Casa Valduga winery acquires the property and commits to maintain the edified heritage.

Casa Madeira started operations by producing whole grape juice, using the 40 hectares of American varieties that remained after the conversion of the vineyards to European grapes, which are grown until today. The company’s current portfolio expanded over the years and currenly includes products beyond grape juice, that cater to demanding palates around the globe, such as jams of different types, antipasto, balsamic creams, pepper dressing and, more recently, also ready to drink iced teas.

And it was like that that the legacy of an Italian-Brazilian immigrant that put that first rock in his basement has strengthened, laying the foundation for this company that values its history and continues commited to making high quality products of a varied gourmet line.


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